Saturday, March 19, 2011

S#!t my kids says

I keep thinking that maybe I need to do a separate blog, all about the things that Small One says, because she makes me laugh every day, and I know there are people who would laugh as hard as I do. Then on the other hand, I also know that it gets tremendously annoying to constantly hear how cute someone's kid is every day. That's when I come to the conclusion that I ought to do another blog, just so the people who find it amusing could follow it, and the people who hate cutesy kid crap could not be bothered with it.

In any case, she's come up with a few, of late, that I'm going to share here, so if you're tired of hearing about how funny my kid is, stop reading now.

  • We took her to hear a concert by a chamber ensemble of which my sister, a violinist, is a part. My sister played in a piece that featured two violins, drums, and a marimba. When we asked Small One about her favorite part of the concert, she said it was that piece, adding "It really pissed me out!" (Apparently, to her mind, that was an expression that meant "Really got me excited!" We were pretty tickled that she tried to find a new, adult way to express her excitement, but warned her against the use of the word "piss", pledging that we, too, will find other words to express ourselves.)
  • My mother got a new sofa and loveseat. Small One sauntered into her den, sat on the sofa with her arms stretched out on the back of the sofa in an exaggerated posture of relaxation, and said "So, Gigimama, it seems like you've changed things up in here!" (Not sure where she got "changed things up", but we thought it was pretty good for a four year old.)
  • (This one's actually from a few months ago, but I still like it) I was petting the cat, and I said "Aww, he loves me." to which Small replied "Yes, and he would NEVER barf on you!" (A sign of true love, to be sure!)
  • We were out in the car, traffic was not great, and I was in a grouchy mood. Small said "I love you Mommy. I'm sorry people are such dude-asses." (Indeed they are!)
  • My sister is taking Small to a farm tomorrow, and she said "They have horses at the farm, and baby goats, and PEACOCKS!" Small replied, with great enthusiasm, "I ate something like a peacock. It was an apricot!"
That's all I have for tonight.

I keep wanting to blog, but I'm writing things for pay these days, and it takes up a lot of space in the writing part of my brain. By the time I think of something I wanted to say here, I no longer have the wherewithal to say it the way I'd want to, so I just skip it. I'm hoping that as I become more used to writing on assigned topics, I'll figure out a way to balance things so I can continue blogging personally as well. For now, my life's a little bit too complex.

I'll try to be back soon though, and not just to tell you the cute things my kids says. And if anyone has a name suggestion for that alternate blog, I'm all ears.