Friday, January 24, 2014

Doesn't Anybody Stay in one Place Anymore?

It's my brother's birthday, and I have to say, I'm very proud to be his sister. He's an amazing person, a great friend to an enormous number of people, and a successful entrepreneur. He's married to his business partner and best friend, and they've made a fabulous life for themselves. Admirable, and wonderful.

And so, so very far away. I love that technology allows for far-flung families to stay close to each other, but I hate that my family is so far flung. I visited my brother last spring, and had to break the drive into two days. I suppose I could've done it in one, but it seemed unwise to spend thirteen or more hours in a car with Small One. We had a great visit, we always have a great visit, but it always seems like we've barely scratched the surface when it's time to leave.

I guess this goes along with yesterday's post, and maybe I'm just getting sentimental as I get older, but I sure do wish it was easier to see the people I love on a regular basis. My mother and sister are four hours away, my brothers are six and thirteen hours away, it takes ten hours to get to my dad. The world is bigger and smaller, we all know, but I'm finding myself dissatisfied with the digital connection to people I once saw every day.

In any case, happy birthday to one of the greatest men I know. I always knew you would be, and I was crazy about you from the first moment I saw you. I love you immeasurably, my dear brother, and I hope this year brings us together more times than once.

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