Monday, January 6, 2014

He's Rick James

I realized that since I took my almost full year off from this blog, we've acquired a new family member. The thought occurred to me when I published yesterday's post, because I realized he was prominently featured, but I have yet to introduce him.

I'm not talking about this guy...

 ...because he's been here since the beginning.

And I don't mean either of these guys...

...because you've certainly met this one...

...and this one actually belongs to MC, and only sometimes comes to Grannycamp at my house. 

Nope, the handsome fellow who has recently joined our Creature collection is this one:

Rick James. 

Yep, you read it right, he's named after the inimitable singer of such classics as "Give it to Me, Baby" and "Superfreak". When the Man initially suggested the name, I thought he was being unkind, but then I suddenly saw it. And, well...

 He's Rick James.
(photo credit: Raymond Boyd/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

While the human Rick James may have had some issues, morally speaking, and may have made some regrettable choices, our Rick James was apparently put on earth to love our family. 

Sweetest dog on earth. We rescued him when his prior owner couldn't keep him, only to discover down the road that this lovable middle aged pooch (he's 8 years old, just like Teddy) came to us with heartworms. Given that Cavaliers are not known for strong hearts, and this one already has a murmur, this was not good news. We're treating him, remaining hopeful, and giving him as much love and attention as we possibly can, though not as many treats as he requests, because his requesting is perpetual. This is his treat face:

So obviously, he gets a fair number. Perhaps more than necessary.

All in all, we're enjoying having him with us, for however long he's with us, which we, of course, hope amounts to many years. In the meantime, he'll snuggle cats, and pal around with his dog brother...

 ...and you can rest assured that Small One will keep him well-outfitted.


my heart's love songs said...

Oh, he's precious! (And I DO see the resemblance to his namesake.)

Happy New Year!

amy said...

Thanks so much! And happy New Year to you, too. =)