Thursday, January 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday- How does time pass so quickly?

It's the blink of an eye, really, that takes you from this:

to this:

and it's not until you reach a certain age that you really understand it. 

When I started this blog, my life was naturally overflowing, because I had two teenagers and all their rowdy friends, and I was a member of the homeschooling community, which is an active place to be, I was extremely active in my church, and I had a toddler, who required a lot of time. I lived in town, and there was always something going on, and always somewhere I had to be. Now I live in the burbs, I have one grade school child, I no longer homeschool and, while I'm still a committed member of the church, I'm no longer as "hands on" as I once was. I live further away now, and I have no one in the youth group, and no one at the preschool. 

I guess my point is that you never know how much life changes until you've lived it, and you don't really notice the changes while they're happening. A few years back my new year's resolution was to live life purposefully, and I really try to do that, being mindful of my choices. I sometimes fall flat. Right now, it's a reflective period for me, while I try to reassess my priorities and see where I'm missing the mark, but the one thing that keeps hitting me is how fast these people:

become these people:

and even how fast this:

becomes this:

I know this is only the beginning, but in this moment I'm feeling a little sentimental, wishing I could make time stand still. 


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