Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Random Thoughts at the Beginning of a New Year

Well, it's 2014, and I think I posted once here in 2013, so what's my logical conclusion? I should post every day in January, and join NaBloPoMo. Am I crazy? (Is that a rhetorical question?)

What to say, on this New Year's Day? 2013 was a mixed bag, and as I paused last night to reflect on it, I found that my overwhelming urge was not to do it. Instead, I just feel like plunging forward into the new, and leaving the old behind, in the past, where it belongs. 2013 was certainly a year of growth and change, and I feel that my own perspective shifted in ways I can't explain, and don't really want to explain.

2014, I firmly believe, is going to be a year of success. That's my proclamation, for me, and for those I love. Professional, personal, private, public success. That is what we're going for, all of us... this is what I'm decreeing.

My babies will be 24, 20, and 8 this year. Time is marching forward at an unbelievable pace, and I need to remember to use it wisely, for the things that are really important to me. I can't wait to see what the year brings all of us, and how these people who are so precious to me grow, change, and progress in 2014. Everything is changing, has been changing, and I find change difficult, but I have to remember that even painful changes are good, because they move us along.

This is probably the most introspective post I've published here, and I promise I won't keep up the introspection, but please just indulge me for today. The theme of the month for NaBloPoMo is "pressure", but to be honest, I'm tired of pressure. Of applying it, of being under it, of feeling it. I'm ready to get past the breakers, to where it's smooth. I want a year of grace, not another year of pressure.

So that's what I'm going for, and that's what I wish for all of you. Good changes, success in all of your endeavors, and grace. May this be the year that we fully experience the grace of God, live in grace, and extend that grace to others. Happy New Year, everybody.

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