Sunday, January 19, 2014

Slow Moving Sunday

Despite having to work this weekend, I have to say it's been pretty perfect. Beautiful weather, fun with my brother and sister in law, a walk on the beach with my sweet aunt, and now a day with plenty of down time. And of course, tomorrow- Disney! Tonight, I'm trying to wrap up some work and head to bed, but of course I couldn't without stopping here first.

The most surprising part of my weekend, I have to say, is how idyllic the time has been at my in-law's house. I've only been here four times over the course of my seventeen year relationship with their son. Even stranger, two of those four times were more than a decade ago, and the other two have occurred in the past two months. I've never been at the top of my in-laws' list of favorite people, but maybe they're warming to me? Or maybe they've figured out that I'm a permanent fixture. More likely, they've noticed that Small One is a pretty fun kid to have around.

Today has been exactly the type of day a little girl should have with her grandparents. Last night they gave her a new book, which she devoured over the course of the evening and this morning. Today was full of games and conversation, and the Man and his father took Small out and taught her to ride a bike without training wheels, while her grandmother and I looked on and applauded. Then I ran an errand, and the men took the little girl to the yacht club to look at boats, and after dinner she read stories with her grandmother until bedtime.

I know this sounds boring, and to be honest, she's had this kind of visit with my mother a million times, but it's something new for the other side of the family. So I'm sharing it, I guess, to say "Hooray!", but also to say to anyone else whose mother in law didn't come to your wedding reception... where there's life, there's hope.

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